airplane wraps

Advertising in aviation is globally recognized as one of the most high-performing ways to promote goods and services. Advertisements on the main body of an aircraft can be considered the most efficient type of air advertising. Passengers taking a flight, even if they use services of another airline, can see your ads while at the airport waiting for their flight, going through the gate or landing at the port where the branded body plane is standing.


Due to safety, privacy, and aesthetic reasons, the ability to perform aerial advertising is regulated by local and federal entities throughout the world.


The comparatively low price of the fuselage advertising gives small businesses the chance to emblazon their message on a craft carrying thousands of people around the world each year. Advertisers can advertise on the front and rear of the fuselage or on the winglets of an aircraft.


tray tables

Airline advertising delivers your message to business and leisure travelers. Whether you’re trying to raise awareness about your brand, product or service, or encourage point-of-sale, Airline ads are the way to go.


Tray tables advertisements are capable of leveraging digital place-based media technology. They are available as both vinyl wraps and smart trays, which bring your campaign, in-flight entertainment and Internet access right to their fingertips without their ever having to reach overhead for their stowed tablet or other mobile device. Your ads will be seen for anywhere from an hour to 5+ hours at a time in a clutter free environment with little to no distractions.


overhead bins

These unique advertising placements generate reach and efficiency numbers that are extremely impressive. Overhead ads have a minimum dwell time of over 40 minutes by consumers that are strapped in. These ads have a high recall rate and are viewed by thousands of unique passengers per month.


In-flight advertising is a highly effective form of out-of-home advertising which targets potential consumers traveling on commercial airliners. In-flight advertising, also known as onboard advertising, offers the highest efficiency rate of any media, at the lowest cost of sale, and provides up to 2,000 times the impact of traditional media.



airplane windows

Onboard advertising via windows offers a visual while passengers are inflight, waiting for take off or departing the plane. Gazing out of a window on an airplane allows passengers to view marketing efficiently at a low cost.





Whether it is advertising a tropical destination or the coffee sold onboard, seatbacks are a great location to promote advertising for inflight passengers. Conveniently located, these signs are hard to miss for any traveler seated behind your message.




seatback screens

Advertisement on digital screens offer an array of options to reach passenger while onboard an airplane. Low cost to advertise multiple options and services to a large group at one time.


Napkin advertising integrates an advertisers logos and messages that are placed in high traffic areas onboard an aircraft. These napkin advertisement can be low cost, custom color and single graphics.



Bulkheads are situated in key locations within airplane. And often head-on eyesight of passengers, making them perfect for communicating your message or advertisement. The location of this format, enhanced by the average flight time being over 1 hour makes these advertisements low cost and very effective.

hot air balloons

Own your very own hot air balloon! Make your mascot larger than life and soar above the heads of an audience of your choosing. Hot air balloons are celebrated around the world and are loved by many. Make a bright and colorful balloon in your image and set sail above populous areas such as sporting events, beaches, and music festivals.


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