digital wallscapes

Wallscapes are elaborate ads that are either painted or attached directly to exterior building surfaces. These wallscapes, however, are lit and provide excellent exposure in prominent downtown urban areas. They are large, bright and sure to grab the attention of pedestrians and commuters alike. LED wallscapes are large, non-standard advertising structures that are visible from a distance on commuter and tourist routes on interstates and major highways. They have eye-catching special effects that attract a lot of attention.

digital bulletins

Bulletins and billboards are everywhere, and even though we remember just a handful, they can still have a powerful branding impact. Bulletins are considered premium advertising space. The use of six words or less to reach the market, which are bikers, pedestrians, drivers and cyclists, the advertisement will be seen in 5-10 seconds to make an impact.


Roof signs, projecting signs, monument signs, marquee signs, and pole signs. These units located on venue property are often used as identifying signs, but are capable of much more.

digital posters

These panels can be seen in populous venues such as subway stations, stadiums, and theaters. At times poster panels can be seen lined up side by side for the entirety of a corridor or face of a building, making them a perfect fit for step and repeat designs. Poster panels vary in size, granting them a place in spaces as small as a restroom.


interior wall displays

Indoor wall installations provide vast opportunity to creatively and intimately reach our client’s target audience. In many instances, these installations can be done with more flexibility, personality, and accuracy than an outdoor wallscape. These advertisements can be installed any shape or size in virtually any venue. From food courts and stadiums to airports and hotels, our clients use colorful and eye-catching messages to get up close and personal. Interior walls are assets waiting to be used to their full potential; and the most exciting part is they are all around us, each brimming with endless possibility.


digital networks

Digital networks can be found both indoors and outdoors. They consist of multiple screens positioned strategically around the venue. Animations and messages typically rotate from screen to screen and can even be interactive with the audience. Digital networks are popular in just about every venue type and can be very creative campaigns.




Kiosk advertising revenue funds the provision and maintenance of additional public amenities. There are several kiosk formats, including: phone kiosks, city panels, information kiosks, super city panels, electronic display kiosks and campus kiosks. Kiosk advertising is great for reaching pedestrians and vehicular traffic in a densely populated city center. Kiosks provide an extremely effective out-of-home advertising platform to reach all demographics.



bus shelters

Bus Shelter panels offer a uniform way to get your message out across the market. These panels are a staple to have in your campaign due to their proven success in marketing. Catch commuters as they wait for their bus just feet away from your advertisement. You will also attract the eyes of city traffic and pedestrians in the markets busiest intersections. Hand pick your bus stops at the cross streets you value most, and follow your target into trendy neighborhoods and hot spots!

 urban panels

Pedestrian traffic is the name of the game in markets like New York City, and what busier place is there than the subway? As your audience enters and exits the subway station, they are more than likely to notice your strategically placed advertisement hovering above the stairwell. These urban panels have both the benefit of being at eye level of pedestrians and the ability to be strategically placed in the burroughs and stations that you are targeting in your campaign.

trash receptacles

Why not put an LED screen on a trash can? Trash receptacles are already positioned on every corner in downtown markets. Utilizing this space is essential if one is looking to cover as much ground as possible in a marketing campaign. This advertising media is perfect for ground campaigns targeting pedestrian traffic.


The perfect advertising platform for the modern metropolitan area. Mobile advertising teams have the tools and experience to customize a campaign that will put you in front of your target customers.


If one accepts that advertising can be used to do more than just advertise the product for which a particular advertisement has been generated, then bike advertising can be used in a positive manner to encourage the idea of cycling, in general. Conversely, advertising can also be used negatively…or neutrally, as well. When people see an advertisement moving around via bicycle, this will have some kind of an impact on their perception of cycling, though what that impact is exactly could be hard to pin down. The products being advertised by bike might not have anything to do with cycling, the simple act of advertising by bicycle, will, in a sense, advertise cycling in a positive light, as well.


Newsstands feature advertising on each side, allowing advertisers to make the most of these highly-trafficked urban micro-shops. They are located along busy streets in major metropolitan cities and provide excellent exposure to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Newsstands are also clearly visible to thousands of people and establish a strong local presence in the community.




Perimeter advertising is hugely popular in the sports universe. Not only are you exposed to an entire stadium of excited fans, but it many cases you are also reaching massive numbers of viewers at home during televised events. Take hold of your piece of perimeter real estate in venues including soccer fields, basketball courts, race tracks, baseball parks, and more.


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