bus exterior

The perfect advertising platform for the modern metropolitan area. Mobile advertising teams have the tools and experience to customize a campaign that will put you in front of your target customer

double decker wraps

Be the largest moving ad on the street! With twice the space of a transit bus, wrapping the exterior of these double deckers allows for some truly spectacular designs. Ask about double decker tour buses in the Los Angeles market for some extreme exposure along some of Hollywood's most sought after attractions. With over 26 million sets of eyes in estimated circulation in any 4 week period on your advertisement, each bus is truly a marketing machine.

interior bus signs

Targeting commuters with high impact ads is simple when your campaign becomes a part of you potential customers’ daily commute. Advertising in interior train and subway networks means that you will have a higher frequency of exposure to your ads during rush hour.


These advertisements are the ultimate way to reach an accessible commuter audience as they ‘renew and recharge’ during their commute. This eye level format stays with riders throughout the duration of their trip, 2 times a day, 20 times a month. With an average ride time of at least 35 minutes, advertisers can provide more detailed messaging..


taxis toppers

Taxi toppers are a great aggressive marketing strategy to take to the streets in heavy traffic markets like New York and Los Angeles. Advertise your brand on the tops of the easiest vehicle to spot in any stretch of rush hour traffic. Own the market by sheer numbers and make sure that anyone hailing a cab first sees your message on the top of their next ride!


taxi tip seats

You’re in the back of a cab with nowhere to look but forward! These tip seat signs are a sure way to reach the average commuter in every market. Take your campaign to the backseats of hundreds or thousands of taxi cabs and ride sharing vehicles.

taxi trunk panels

A popular marketing strategy in Australia, these taxi trunk panels are a great platform to promote your campaign. Any vehicle behind your very own trunk panel is guaranteed to notice the colorful advertisement your team put together. As with every other taxi cab product, consider buying in bulk to maximize your reach in any downtown market.


Outdoor advertising is a way to bring your message across to a large audience. Mobile advertising offers the advantage to focus on your target audience in a much better way. Hubcap campaigns are targeted in specific areas and regions and on specific vehicles to guarantee the highest possible attention thanks to this unique way of outdoor advertising.


In the city centers taxis can be found everywhere. Taxi advertising is a fast growing medium and a hubcap with a message attracts the attention, a non-rotating hubcap on a driving vehicle is an absolute eye-catcher.



Popular in many tourist hot spots in every top market, rickshaws can be highly effective and valuable advertising tools. A rickshaw has the advantage of reaching areas other mobile forms of advertising such as cars, trucks, and buses cannot. Rickshaws can be seen on beach and park pathways, cobblestone streets in outdoor shopping malls, and within the confines of outdoor events in which vehicles are prohibited.

bike trailer panels

The perfect advertising platform for the modern metropolitan area. Mobile advertising teams have the tools and experience to customize a campaign that will put you in front of your target customers.


If one accepts that advertising can be used to do more than just advertise the product for which a particular advertisement has been generated, then bike advertising can be used in a positive manner to encourage the idea of cycling, in general. Conversely, advertising can also be used negatively…or neutrally, as well. When people see an advertisement moving around via bicycle, this will have some kind of an impact on their perception of cycling, though what that impact is exactly could be hard to pin down. The products being advertised by bike might not have anything to do with cycling, the simple act of advertising by bicycle, will, in a sense, advertise cycling in a positive light, as well..


train wraps

If you’re looking to advertise inside of a subway station, what more effect method is there than to wrap an entire train in your image. If this sounds grandiose, it’s because it is! When done colorfully, these train wraps are truly exciting to see pull up and take off in any top market. Own your very own slice of the subway system by branding the exterior of dozens of cars. Your audience is bound to notice.

subway car signs

Dozens of commuters can be inside any one subway train car at any given time of day, sometimes even shoulder to shoulder. In 2015, there was an average of 5.7 million subway riders per weekday in Manhattan alone. There aren’t very many places that can be considered higher traffic than New York subways. Place your ads along the interior of every car to ensure you are taking advantage of the opportunity to be face to face with commuters.

truck wraps

Not many ground transit advertising options have the highway and interstate exposure that you will see with truck wraps. An eighteen-wheeler is a huge canvas just waiting to be decorated in your brands image. One delivery truck can cover a lot of ground in your target market, imagine the effect that dozens or hundreds of trucks across the country will have in sharing your campaign message.

garbage trucks

Garbage trucks have become the latest advertising vehicle of the future. Ads on New York garbage trucks have boosted brands’ market shares. Like other vehicle advertisements these ads are sure to be seen. Garbage trucks are visible in all locations, including residential neighborhoods that frequently are out of reach for other mediums.


Turnstiles can be found at the entrances and exits of any major sporting event, concert, festival, and subway station. The unique benefit of turnstiles is that everyone is required to pass through them, making your message a can’t-miss! Wrap either the arms of the turnstile, the body, or both in your campaign.


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