Stadiums, arenas, ballparks, and sports centers are spacious and high traffic venues, making them perfect for a wide range of advertising mediums. Venue-specific products like dasherboards, perimeters, and scoreboard signs are effective in stadiums as are more widely applicable media formats like posters, LED wallscapes, floor graphics, and interior murals.


grocery stores

Supermarkets and grocery stores are home to many in store advertising options. Placement is key when bringing your campaign into this setting. Products like floor graphics and pop up displays can truly push your message closer to its target while you can still paint with a broader brush by incorporating mediums like counter wraps, step & repeat graphics, conveyor belts, and shopping carts and baskets.



Advertising in and outside of casinos helps you reach an audience ready to indulge themselves. Both tourists and locals looking for an impulsive night out head to these venues in groups with money to spend! Alcoholic beverage companies, local attractions and restaurants, airlines, and luxury car brands are only a few examples of advertisers that will shine in a casino setting.




Airports are the ideal venue if your campaign is at all travel related. Airlines, hotels, tourist attractions, travel agencies and websites, ride sharing apps, and resorts reach their target audience at the right time, while others have the option of creating flight related campaign themes for their postings. Advertisers outside of the travel industry have the benefit of reaching people from all over the world from one place. What’s more, if your product or service is being sold within the airport or even on the planes, then your reasons for choosing airport advertising for your next campaign are piling up.


Much like airports, hotels can be a great tool in reaching an audience on the move. Hotels are a key venue for airlines and travel agencies, but can also offer the right exposure for local attractions such as museums, restaurants, casinos, tours, clubs, and so many more looking to appeal to a tourist clientele.


movie theaters

Soda, candy, snacks and sports drinks are all goods sold within movie theaters. More importantly, movie theaters are the perfect venue to promote movies! Award ceremonies and franchise products like toys and collectibles are also fitting advertisers. If your product is sold elsewhere in a shopping mall connected to a theater, pull an audience away from the screens toward your brand. Even if your campaign doesn’t fit the aforementioned scenarios, there are many ways to use movie theater products like posters and marquee signs to reach the millions of moviegoers in this venue.

fast food restaurants

Fast food restaurants are a niche venue with a majority of interior space. These vicinities are capable of hosting a lot of traffic, particularly in rest stops and near freeways. Mediums seen frequently in this venue are interior murals, poster panels, floor graphics, counter wraps, fountain machines, and table graphics.

gas stations

Much like fast food restaurants, gas stations are most trafficked near freeways and rest stops. However, unlike fast food restaurants, this venue is host to a wide variety of unique exterior options such as gas pump wraps, screens, handles, toppers, trash bins, pillars, ice machines, and more.

liquor stores

Liquor stores are powerhouses of advertising, being the perfect venue for huge advertisers like beverage companies and lotteries. Liquor stores offer many mediums to choose from, some examples being cooler doors, counter wraps, and floor graphics. Think of a liquor store as your brand’s blank canvas, the perfect venue to promote your brand in every corner. Wrap the exterior in your image in addition to making the interior all about you. After all, who will buy your competitors product in the middle of your very own masterpiece?


Salons are a great venue to showcase everything from hair and nail products to television series. Wrap counters, doors, storefronts, windows, and floors in this venue and appeal to a returning audience as well as a revolving one.

dry cleaners

These high traffic venues are found all over urban areas in every top market. Wrap a storefront and interior in your brand so that vehicle traffic, pedestrians and customers see your campaign message in their day to day routine.

bars AND restaurants

Bars and restaurants are the center of every markets nightlife. Unique products like coasters, bar stools, and bar wraps bring your campaign to the table. Like all of our venues, this space also offers exterior advertising mediums like window graphics, property signage, and sidewalk graphics.


Much like dry cleaners, laundromats are real hotspots in urban markets. In this space, any advertiser can bring their street campaign to their audience through both traditional mediums and new technologies. Consider taking an augmented reality campaign to the interior of these high traffic venues.

race tracks

Race tracks are heavily branded environments from the cars to the stands. Stock car racing has a long history of combining sport with sponsor. Your brand will spread like wildfire through this venue on everything from crew apparel to the car itself. Additionally, concessions offer even more opportunity for you to bring your campaign to the tracks.


Retail environments have always been home to many in store advertising mediums. Browse our in-store products like promotional stands and anti-theft scanners  to see how you can bring your next campaign into the realm of retail advertising.

convenience stores

Convenience stores, or party stores, have an advertising inventory very similar to liquor stores. However, these venues often offer a wider variety of goods, opening up more opportunities to advertisers.


Under the same umbrella as liquor stores and convenience stores, these venues offer many in-store options for a long list of products including over the counter drugs, food and beverage products, and even retail items. Consider mediums like floor graphics, counter wraps and overhang displays for your pharmacy campaigns.

shopping mallS

Shopping malls are a conglomerate of different advertising venues rolled into one. You can often see movie theaters and retail stores within these properties. The real advantage of this venue, however, is the massive amount of space shoppers pass through from store to store. Bring your campaign to an audience already in a buying mood through venue specific mediums like mall kiosks and then take your message outside into attached parking lots and garages.


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