IMO offers design services for you marketing needs. Our in house graphic designers will work with your creative team to produce beautiful and accurate campaign materials centered around your brand’s aesthetic. IMO’s design team is experienced in the creation of assets for your next print, web, and mobile campaigns and starts at only $45 per hour.




Our in house team of permitting expediters will work with you to gain professional and profitable permitting of your signage.  IMO maintains open communication and keeps you informed of the location surveying, structural analysis, design of building modification, custom fit unit manufacturing, construction and installation of your OOH advertising platform; taking care of all the permitting requirements.


We listen to our clients and are invested in your success.  With a reputation for reliability and individualized attention, IMO will quickly become an extension of your business.  Our team of land use attorneys and lobbyist work with city officials to increase sign districts and help you attain the necessary entitlements and variances. Knowing your options and understanding the issues is a priority.  We have full communication throughout the entire permitting process and work on getting the maximum allotted signage for your property.


The final destination of quality digital, large format outdoor advertising signage is installation.  Our in-house 3M certified installation team works around the clock raising signage as beautiful as the approved layout proof.  Affiliated with industry leading printing companies and installers, IMO Walls guarantees standard raising installation in an array of outdoor advertising vessels.


•   Select from our inventory of installers across the nation.

•   Bid out your installation job to get the most competitive Rates.




Our printers are dedicated to making your brilliant designs come to life. Professional, fast, and reliable, IMO’s hand picked printers have a spotless record of delivering an accurate final product on time, much to our customers’ satisfaction.




vinyl materials

Bulletins, banners, posters, barricades, scaffolding, property signage, and wallscapes all require a vinyl material catered to the units’ specific needs. IMO provides every variety of vinyl material and finishing to best fit our wide range of mediums.





Our printers and installers are faced with posting on many different surfaces including everything from brick to asphalt. IMO’s team is prepared to accommodate any installation scenario to best match the substrate behind your advertisement.





Many units require equipment to be rented upon installation. Boom lifts, cherry pickers, scaffolding, and other mechanisms are often needed to complete a job. Our team guarantees access to the equipment needed to post your campaign ad precisely and on time.


sign fabrication

Though many of the units we offer are already in place, constructing signs where one doesn’t already exist is one of the services IMO is prepared to offer. LED cabinets and bulletins first need to be fabricated, then erected, before any copy is installed.  Our LED displays are manufactured in the largest facility of its kind and has produced signs for hundreds of venues including arenas, news rooms, and even the Olympic Games.


warranty and servicing


The guarantee period shall be 6 years from the date on which the commodity is shipped from the Seller ware-house. Please refer to standard warranty policy upon receiving goods with CD inside package or download from the buyer website:



Servicing agreements are acknowledged and fulfilled by the installing team. IMO can arrange and appoint installers for all projects.

ad sales

Your LED signs will pay for themselves! IMO will bring in media buyers and advertising agencies to generate revenue through your LED signs. Take full advantage of your property’s advertising potential and get the most value for your signs by letting industry veterans sell your space for their full value.


display management

Led by an award-winning creative director, our content management team utilizes a multi-tiered approach to their services. Our goal is to bring our clients and partners brands to life through Visual Communication. Our strength in planning provides you with a solid foundation on any project through:


• Project management

• Content management

• Logging advertising placement

• Detailed proof-of-performance log

• 24/7 monitoring service

• Tech dispatch for servicing

• Remote content support

• Onsite content support

• Content Maintenance


leasing and finance

Property owners sitting on unused signs and valuable advertising space may be missing out on major revenue. Contact our leasing department if this applies to you and lease your property to IMO. Begin collecting your share of advertising returns!


Our financing team helps shoulder the cost of erecting new signs and converting old units to LED displays. We offer various payment plans for property owners looking to generate advertising revenue on their real estate. At the end of the day, property owners retain full ownership of the units and IMO will carry out all maintenance and servicing required for the duration of the lease.



TEL: 1.888.571.4737


TEL: 1.888.571.4737


TEL: 1.888.571.4737


TEL: 1.888.571.4737